Should I cancel my Zync?

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Should I cancel my Zync?

Postby Deweytf4 » Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:40 pm

Hi all,

I'm looking for advice with what to do with my Zync card. Back in March I got my foot in the door with Amex by getting approved for a Zync card with npsl, and then in June I got approved for the Bcp.

Right now I'm trying to think of any justifications to keep the Zync besides memento value. Currently I have in my wallet is the Bcp for groceries and off quarters for gas, Citi Forward for restaurants and movies, Discover escape for anything where 2% cash back purchases makes sense (an extremely underrated travel/ Amazon card), and Discover It for rotating categories.

Seeing Amex no longer supports the Zync card by discontinuing it and all my other cards trump it, should I just cancel it and assume little harm would come from it after it drops from my credit record? Also, I've considered getting the gold premier card down the line, but would it make sense to do so if I already have the Discover escape with similar benefits? Memberships rewards don't seem to be as strong as they once were a few years back.

Thanks all.

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Postby jriley » Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:14 pm

Hey there!

New to the forums, but I have a Zync as well. The whole reason I see for keeping it is simply because it is so exclusive. If you have accumulated many points, it would also be beneficial to keep it until you get your PRG, so that you can transfer the points from Member Rewards Express to the standard (and better) Member Rewards program.
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Postby Money card » Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:37 pm

I would say this keep your zync they may actually continue to give cards to cardmembers. however there not issuing any new applicants.
as far as your Discover escape vs the gold premier cards do you go to a lot of concerts like do you need to get tickets before the general
public gets them , the circus and globetrotters come around once a year. does the gold card have any upgrades at any hotels like
starwood properties? do they have any amenities? does the Discover escape come with any upgrades at any hotels does it have any amenities?
I see your point 2 points per dollar spent everywhere, on the gold premier 3x the points just airline 60 vs 175
I guess you should stick with the escape.

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