Why is American Express reducing credit limits?

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American Express - Unfair credit card practices

Postby Disgruntled » Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:39 pm

Letter to Amex....

April 10, 2009

I can’t begin to express how shocked, dismayed, disheartened and disappointed I was when I learned that you’d DRASTICALLY reduced my American Express lines of credit to little of nothing, without the decency or courtesy of a forewarning, by way of a phone call, letter or email. I’ve been a client of American Express for many years and FAITHFULLY paid every bill on time. The reason that was given by Stacy, Account Manager — Credit Dept (Operator #187078) for the heinous and insensitive decision was incorrect and false. I was told that my income could not support my current credit obligations and that my mortgages were too high. Let me just say that the mortgages in question have been in existence for over five years and they’re paid on time all of the time. As for my outstanding debt with American Express, it amounts to a paltry $5,300, most of which was incurred last month when my dear mother succumbed to Breast Cancer. I’ve since paid back over $4,000 (Delta Sky Miles) and planned to pay the account in full by the next billing cycle.
When Stacy, the Credit Account Manager, cited my income as a cause for concern, I asked her what was recorded as my income and she refused to tell me. She then asked for my income and when I told her, she still refused to let me know what American Express had on file. She did say that the amount on file was less than half of the amount that I quoted here. Therein lies the problem. You have an incorrect income figure on file. My income in 2008 was in excess of $xxxx.
It’s one thing to manage your credit card portfolio in a diligent and effective manner. It’s another thing to impact people’s lives so profoundly and haphazardly without the blink of an eye. The decision to reduce my lines to little of nothing will undoubtedly impact my FICO scores severely and negatively. I ‘m now viewed as a poor risk because of your decision. It now seems as if I’ve irresponsibly utilized my cards excessively when I didn’t. My God! I had a line of over $34K on the Delta Sky Miles account and you’ve shrunk it to the amount that I have outstanding ($5,100)! It now seems as if I have a 95%+ utilization on this card and that just isn’t true! Actuality, I’ve only utilized it less than 10%! Not to mention you’ve reduced my Jet Blue line to $850 from $2K and annihilated my Blue line by reducing it to $1,000 from $15,000. I’ve never used the Blue Card! This is indeed ludicrous and criminal. I’ve been a customer far too long to deserve this treatment.

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Why is American Express reducing credit limits?

Postby fffresh » Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:59 pm

I am sorry to hear about your problems you are having with American Express. There is no doubt that the company has gone on the defense a bit too much lately and in doing so they are alienating some of their most loyal customers. I know I have read many complaints on Credit Card Forum about some of these same problems you are having. Another member on here had an identical scenario with his Blue card where they also have capped his credit limit at $1,000 without merit. http://creditcardforum.com/american-express/379-credit-allocation-between-personal-business-amex-cards.html

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