Have only 1 card for 8 months, will I qualify for an Amex?

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Postby irvinfitness » Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:50 pm

jdauria wrote:Yeah i got that now. Just BS they keep mailing you the "pre-approved" applications for different cards. I plan on keeping the utilization to around 10% actually on the Citi card.

yeah, it's a bit mis-leading. they aren't actually pre-approval letters, but instead you are being invited to apply....It would certainly be awesome if companies really did pre-approve based on soft pulls and when you accepted they could still do the hard pull to determine the limit. That way you know you aren't wasting a hard inquiry just to find out you aren't actually approved for any limit.

Fortunately, this hasn't happened to me, but I'm sure my day will come soon enough...haha

I'd suggest doing what you plan and keeping utilization at 10% for about 6 months and then try again depending on how many inquiries you will still have at that time. Good luck! I'm still waiting to get in with AMEX as well.
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