6 Month Trip Overseas - To Bank or Not to Bank?

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6 Month Trip Overseas - To Bank or Not to Bank?

Postby agraham » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:24 am

My wife and I are relocating for 6 months to the UK and we've hit the wall on a problem which is we don't want to change over all our banking, and our current bank doesn't have overseas branches or ATMs.

So how do we get access to cash without paying a 3% fee each time? My idea as a Platinum holder was that with Amex there is no fee for getting travelers checks and I can cash checks at an Amex office for no fee I believe. So what I'm wondering, as weird as this may sound, is it possible to walk into the UK branch, buy say $1000 in Amex checks, and turn around and cash them right away at the same branch and therefore skip all fees for moving our money?

We could open an HSBC account but I don't want to move $15k in there just for 6 months and Citibank has a no fee account, but they want $50k. Seems silly for something we'll only use 6 months.

Has anyone else done this?

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