Foreigner resident trying to obtain its first AMEX

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Foreigner resident trying to obtain its first AMEX

Postby TopperLA » Fri Sep 07, 2012 1:27 pm

Hey gents,

Long time lurker, never contributor, I've finally decided to ask for advice.

Before I tried to apply through my bank (Wells Fargo) and let me add my contribution to this forum, I got refused 2 times. After hard questioning I found out that WF just doesn't issue credit to anyone without a green card, good to know but so much time lost...

Thanks to all of you, 6-7 months ago I was finally approved for a Cap1 newcomer card.
Been using it like a charge card get to the limit -> pay it off, never carry a balance.
I have no debt / loan / mortage.

I will be needed to purchase plane tickets to get back home like 2 times a year, some domestic flights too so I was thinking the gold preferred reward might be a good choice for the mile sign up bonus.
I want to use the card as my main card. I don't have any need for credit.'
Do you guys think it's worth applying for the gold directly or should I try the green one and then ask to switch to gold ? If so how long after ?

Today here's what I've got:
Cap1 Account :
open 02/12
credit limit $750
high balance $472
Mos reviewed 6
Last report/used 08/12
Past due $0
Payment $25
Balance $0

02/29 Cap1 Unknown

SSN issue date unverified (i do have a SSN)

Credit Sesame/Experian score 751
Amex "prequalified" gold / platinum (I know it's only marketing)
Annual income 88k$

Thanks for your help

PS/other contribution: I cannot get my free annual reports because I haven't been living at the same address within the US for 2 years and of course the form to indicate your new previous address is not designed for foreign addresses -> burned one free credit report on this

CC Deville
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Postby CC Deville » Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:02 pm

Did you have an American Express in your home country? If so, AMEX has a program (Global Card Transfers) that allows you to transfer one of your AMEX cards from your home country to the new country that you are currently residing. This would be the easiest thing to do.

American Express - Moving Abroad - Global Card Transfer

If not, which card to apply for?That is a tough call. Despite your good FICO score, there is nothing behind it other than a Capital One card that is just now 7 months old. What I am saying is that I am not sure AMEX will approve you for a card right now. You may need to wait until 2/13 so that you have had credit for at least a year. AMEX has a pre-approval section on their website here:!view-your-special-offers

You will enter your information. Don't worry, this is only going to be a soft inquiry. If you are pre-approved, the website will show you which cards you are pre-approved for. Now, being pre-approved is not a guarantee of approval and when you actually apply it will be a hard inquiry. But the pre-approval site is a good indication of where you stand with them.

AMEX charge cards are not very hard to obtain because AMEX takes less of a risk on them; however, I do believe AMEX will want to see more of a credit file on you than 7 months. You may stand a shot at an AMEX Zync but even then I am not sure with only 7 monhths of US credit history. If the AMEX pre-approval website indicates that you are pre-approved for a Green, Gold, PRG or Platinum, then apply for the one you want. The underwriting for these charge cards are pretty much the same and AMEX will be very happy if you chose one with a higher annual fee. If you do end up with the Zync, you will have to keep it for 13 months because of the new card laws (an issuer cannot charge higher fees during the first 12 months of cardmembership). At 13 months, you will either be offered a higher card or you can ask; however, most people have indicated that the Zync cannot be upgraded (others have, so this is a YMMV situation). Regardless, at 13 months if they do not offer or allow an upgrade, you can apply for the PRG at that point and if approved, it will report as opened in 2012.

PS Wells Fargo is crap! Have you considered a secured card from Bank of America?

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Postby TopperLA » Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:25 pm

Hi and thanks for the prompt answers!

No Amex is not very popular in my home country so I don't have any history with them

If I use this link it tells me PRG, Blue Skye Preferred and Platinum...
If I use the link you gave me it doesn't show me anything... Which one should I trust ?

If what you tell me is right, if I get a Zync or a green, to increase my chances, I can't switch to a superior offer for a year ? Since my goal here is to get some miles cause I will be traveling international at least twice a year and some domestic flights, PRG looks like the only good option.

Now If I have to wait until I get a full year of credit history on 2/13, can't I apply now and maybe be lucky? If not the inquiry will have been gone by Feb 2013 and it should be fine right ?

Thanks again for your answers

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Postby Twister24 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 6:14 pm

I'm a foreigner too . Just wanna say that been reading a lot for a people with 6mo only on their file and got approved for amex even bcp&bce cards. So in my opinion u got a perfect chance for approval with this score for gold one . I been approved for discover more card on a 1000 cl with nothing on my report so who knows :) good luck with amex ;)

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Postby TopperLA » Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:33 pm


Just an update to let you know that as this date (7months after opening first CapitalOne CC) I was approved for an amex gold PRG!
Same CreditSesame/Faco 751 score as a month ago.
Thanks for all the help guys

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