Zync & Gold approval

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Zync & Gold approval

Postby Darod850 » Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:06 pm

Hey guys, been reading around in the forum for quite sometime. Decided to sign up the day I took the plunge in finally getting my first AMEX.

A bit of background:

27 year old sutdent/ full time employee 50K/yr per last years taxes.
all 3 scores below 700 as per Identity Guard Service.
Previous collection $1700+ PIF 2 years ago
Previous Charge-off target store card $300 settled for $200 3 years ago

Afte reading I decided to see if I would qualify for a ZYNC to get my foot in the door with AMEX. I opened 2 pre-paid amex cards about a month ago and loaded $25 each per week so i can build history with AMEX.

After being approved for a ZYNC on wednesday after a 2min phonecall to verify my address I was approved. I was surprised. In a good way!

NOW after further research I wanted to really get the preffered gold card but since my scores were so low didnt think i'd get it. So today I said what the hell and decided to fill the app. INSTANT APPROVAL. This was AFTER i spoke to a representative and he told me it was not possible until I recieved and activated my ZYNC. Anyone have a similar experience?

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Postby jldeen » Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:24 am

I have a similar background as you do and I just had a similar experience. I have received American Express Gold pre-screen offers for several months now but my credit score is just average. (Mid 600's)

A friend convinced me to apply for the American Express Zync card and, though I was hesitant on being denied and having a hard pull on my credit, I applied. I woke up this morning to an approval email.

Like you, after receiving said email, I did some research and decided I would have preferred the Gold card instead.

I haven't received or activated either card. Now I'm wondering if I activate / keep both or cancel the Zync (because it hasn't been activated anyway) and keep the Gold. That will include paying two annual fees which seems a little pointless. Which one are you going to keep? Or both?

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