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Postby Money card » Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:26 pm

Crashem wrote:Finally, to address your Amex plat gold green having no interest and therefore being harder to get. It is wrong on so many levels. 1) did you check the web and see what others are saying. No credible source agrees with you. 2) how do you explain zync card? It has no interest too and is well known to be easiest Amex to get. 3) Amex charge cards have no interest because you have to pay in full. You are comparing apples and oranges. 4) Amex plat will allow you to carry a balance with pay over time feature. Interest rate is different per person but 18% is good estimate. That isn't lower than many Amex credit cards. So what does that do to your argument?

Now if you owned American Express and you owned 2 types of credit cards 1 lending like the Blue cards plus the clear and the other
premium cards like the green up to platinum if somebody applied for any premium cards and has no credit which card would you give them a card that has intrest or a card that has to be paid in full? let's say somebody works in a lumber yard makes about 15.00 an hour , let's say for example they gross 45,000 a year knowing this person has no credit would you give them a premium card
or a regular card ? Banks have regular cards as I metioned I started out with a First Fidelity Visa which had intrest rate, look at all of the cards they lend money just like the Blue and clear cards do if the Blue cards and the clear are so hard to get, why was I given a First Fidelity Visa, First card visa , while with American Express any time I filled out a green or gold card application I was turned down why?

I feel as the easiest card to get is a clear card, it's a nice card but not thought of as a hard card to get more for people who like to shop.

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