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Postby FutureBillionaire » Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:47 pm

jeffysdad wrote:I think charging everything on one or more cards in order to maximize rewards/cashback is the smartest way to pay bills and expenses as long as you pay off the balance on time every month.

Debit cards just are not as secure as credit cards for a variety of reasons, imo at least, and that is discussed elsewhere on this forum.

If you use one or more cards, obviously it's best to pick the one(s) that will give you the best rewards.

Once you select the card(s) consider:
Setting them up for autopay of full balance due via a debit to your checking account;
Setting the payment debit dates for each card to be the same day of the month, the 1st for instance;
Setting the email alerts on the account(s) to notify you of balance thresholds crossed and other events that are important to you;
Keeping track of the cashback/rewards you get as you earn as it can be fun to see how much you're being paid back.

I would recommend calling your card companies and changing the due dates of the credit card statements to coincide with your pay dates. Then, you can split your bills between paychecks. Plus, I like to use my card after they report to the bureau with a 0 balance. By the time it is time for me to pay it, I am using a different card with a different due date. I just rotate cards throughout the month so I don't overspend on any one card. I charge everyday purchases on my Amex because I know I have a longer time to pay the bill than I do on my credit cards. For instance, I won't get another Amex statement until the 22nd of August. My next Amex bill won't be due until the 6th of September. My other cards will be due well before that.
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Postby jlam572 » Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:57 pm

I agree with Futurebillionaire. My amex gives better rewards than my other cards that I have right now, so I use it for absolutely everything. I even avoid places that dont take it...for example if my GF wants to go out to a club or lounge, Ill go to one that I know for sure will take my amex. I even call ahead when Im getting bottle service to ask if they take amex...they say "no" then forgetem...theres other clubs that do. In the future if I get other cards that give better rewards, I will use them when they outweigh amex points.
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