I'm "new" to the US and need to build credit score

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I'm "new" to the US and need to build credit score

Postby maceto » Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:33 pm

Background -stellar credit in Norway and UK, but unless you are the King of Norway or the Duke of Edinburg (let's see how many Americans get this one ;-)) credit does not transfer.

I was added as an authorised user on Amex - Starwood with accredit line now $22,000 and a City one with close to $60,000 because my dear Comerica bank only gave me an unsecured credit card of $2,000... A friend was nice to me.

Not checked my Fico's but all the Fako's say between 658,714 and 748 (quizzle, Ckarma and credit.com). Building that credit with 7 month on file in the US, my file might still be thin,but I do not want to just get another Rolex on down payment to mix up my credit for the sake of it. Paying 700 for a car which is not in my name because had no credit score when I needed it.

Got 5 pulls due to AT&T, Comerica pulled one, Electrics and more...

Think I can pull the trigger now or wait? 135K a year, no student loan (US anyway, so can't be checked, no mortgage, no other secure debt, car is not reg as me paying- so while I have a few things- not a single TransU or others know)

Any pointers? Wait or try?

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Postby SteveT » Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:22 pm

You might try for a Zync or a green amex. If be chance your not approved they might offer you a secured card.

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