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Postby Moneytalks » Sun Aug 26, 2012 5:52 pm

Sasuke wrote:whats the different between the black and the platinum ? is it worth that much paying ??

Just to satisfy your curiosity, because I wondered the same thing, the black card, aka "Centurion" is one of the most prestigious cards, along with JP Morgan Palladium, and others. It's made of titanium, has arguably the best concierge that can get or arrange practically anything you want, and you can literally, buy a yacht or private jet with it. It's on a completely different level than the platinum, though whether or not the fee is worth it is something only you could answer. If the prestige is worth $2,500, have fun, that is of course, if Amex deems you a good candidate.

The platinum also has concierge and other similar perks, even the same point system. (MRF) as the centurion. Platinum is not titanium tho :( FSTR8 has a centurion, and he could give you the real inside scoop (Since I don't have one yet)

Hope that helps!
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