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Postby PopiLopi » Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:00 pm

bmw1990Z wrote:How do you like your prg?

Honestly I feel I earn more points on the Zync compared to the PRG. The green pack gives you 2x points on several places like Walmart, Whole Foods, Chipotle, and I spend a lot of money in those 3 a month, but without the PRG those points are useless.

What I'm trying to do is spliting my spending between the Zync, PRG and Chase Freedom so I get at least 2x points on most of my purchases.
Amex: Business Platinum (09/12) BCP $10,500 (03/13)
Visa: Capital One Journey $750 (04/11) Chase Freedom $1,800 (04/12)
MasterCard Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select $8,500 (05/13)
Discover: Discover It $2500 (07/11)
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Postby Cyberius » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:12 pm

PopiLopi wrote: like Walmart, Whole Foods, Chipotle, and I spend a lot of money in those 3 a month

Aside from Whole Foods - I'm sorry :D

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Postby tigerhunt2011 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:54 pm

I'm also in college, I'll be a sophomore this fall. I got a secured $500 CL Visa last June through Bank of America. Always paid in full, never more than 30% util ($150 max lol). Then got an Express store card in January with a $250 CL. Again, never reported with more than 30% util, paid in full. Applied on tuesday for the Gold Delta AMEX and got approved, applied tonight for the PR Gold and was approved. This is all with 1 year max credit history. ALTHOUGH I've also been an AU on my dad's Business Platinum for a year as well. I've been working at a hotel that I was working at in high school all summer. When you apply, include the MAXIMUM yearly income (mine is $25,000 theoretically if i worked full time for a year). You should be fine.
AMEX Business Platinum AU-NPSL-07/11
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AMEX Biz DL SkyMiles Gold-04/13-->07/11
BofA Alaska Airlines Visa Classic-$2500-06/11
Barclays US Airways Platinum Mastercard-$1500-04/13
Chase Sapphire Preferred-$5,000-08/13
Citi AA Select AMEX-$2000-01/13
Citi AA Visa-$2000-01/13
Citi AA Platinum Select Visa Signature-$5000-08/13
Citi AA Platinum Select World Mastercard-$2500-04/13
Citi Business AA World Mastercard-$1000-08/13
Citi ThankYou Preferred-$2000-04/13
GECRB Paypal Mastercard-$3500-04/13

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Postby octobclrnts » Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:11 pm

I see that this is an old thread but I was just approved for an Amex Gold card and wanted to throw in my 2c.

I am a college student with no income (my fiancee works, but they don't care about that). I applied after receiving a pre-approval for a green card in the mail and upon entering my RSVP code on the website, it said I was also approved for the gold. It seems that it is possible to switch down to the green later so I figured I would go as high as I could for now.

I did declare that I had a checking account and a retirement account that were in the $10,000-$24,000 category (this is true).

Additionally, my credit score on is 692 with 1 credit card $850 limit and 0% utilization. 1 hard pull previous to this application.

I hope this helps someone in a similar situation to decide if they want to apply. I know I was on the fence even after researching for a while.

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