My second chance with American Express after charge offs

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Postby tinninches » Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:27 pm

My first CC (not co-signed by parent) was a Gold Delta Skymiles from Amex. 3k limit, back in 2006. I screwed up the Visa Signature card after 5 years, that left my dad with a 30-day late for 7 years. So I was very VERY credit shy going forward. Cash/debit only. So when I got the amex, I used it to auto-pay my vzw bill each month, then PIF'd.

In 2008, amex CLD me, and then in 2009, then closed the account all together. I ended up with a $5 fee hitting the account after closure that wound up in collections (not sure if internal or CA), but by my own ignorance, I was NOT going to pay a fee on a account that had a $0 bal and was closed.

Well, it grew to more than $250...and I ended up paying it. From 2009 until 2011, I was back to using cash/debit. But found myself always in a jam, when trying to rent a car, which I do frequently. That is when I knew my credit was in a mess. Couldn't get approved for anything. Had a repo from 07, 1-30day late from 08, and 2 collections. Found the FICO forums this past feb and have GW'd all buy 2 derogs, to include the 30 day, 1 collection, AND AMEX! Sent their exec office a GW and knew if successful, I was going to lose my oldest account, and my AAoA would take a dive. They removed, and my scores nose dived.

Well, that was just 2 months ago, and I decided to test the waters. App'd Amazon and Walmart store cards and were instantly approved. Now I had that high, and was REALLY wanting to get my backdating with amex (2006), so I decided to app the Zync last week. I was instantly approved w/ NPSL.

So got my oldest account back, and as a positive TL and couldn't be more stoked. Now I can close my orchard and cap1 secured.

This will leave me with Amex Plat (AU), Zync, Belk (GEMBC), Amazon, and Walmart. Only other cards I want are the Southwest Visa and TE from COSTCO.
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Postby Cyberius » Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:31 pm


By the way - howdy, neighbor! (Nashville) Hah.

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Postby Frshcoupe » Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:42 am

That's awesome, and it just gave me some hope.

I was in a financial rut and I just got my first 30 day late with AMEX. I plan on paying the remainder of my balance before it turns to 60 days late. To make matters worse, they cancelled my account because I didn't provide the information needed for a financial review.

I have a zync and gold delta with them. When I first got the card back in July, I PIF every month. I suddenly hit a road block with my precious employer and then that's when things got a bit rough. I'm pretty pissed that they cancelled my account, I was on the right path to building up my credit and doing well. I just hope that I can get back in with AMEX soon and get back on that path.

This story definitely gives me hope. My credit score took a mean dive and I'm sure once I pay down all my cards it will bounce back. I'm just not sure how long I should wait to apply for an AMEX again and I'm not sure how bad a 30 day late looks to them. What do you guys think? This is my first post btw and I'm glad to be apart of this community.

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