Will I get approved for an AmEx as a 20 year old student?

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Postby Celestine » Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:35 pm

itsmeandrew wrote:Thank you all for your help and advice. I ended up deciding to put AmEx off until later in life where I can (hopefully) start off with a Gold card or even a Green so I can upgrade it down the road. I applied for Chase freedom thought and got instand approval with a 3K limit.

I have another questions kind of off topic, but I'd like some outside opinions. With my car loan I got a <2% interest rate and will pay about $350 in interest if I take the full term of the loan to pay it off. On my student loans I have a few that are subsidized and a few unsubsidized. I've already paid more interest on those than I will with my full car loan. Should I try to pay my student loans off first or my car loan? Will one left on my report look better or worse than the other? Obviously it will take longer to pay my student loans off, but if it'll look better to have those gone or at least decreased then I'd be more than happy to focus on that debt first.

Just my opinion... pay off the car loan first. Student loans gives you like 6 months of no payment after graduation. I assume you are still at school; by that you still have more time to come up with monetary funding. And I think (not sure about this but...) student loans will begin charging for the APR after graduation.
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