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Postby jeffysdad » Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:07 pm

I'm not in sales, but at that job some of my social activities were viewed as being "in support of sales." It's not like that where I'm at now; I drink on my own dime.
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Postby Money card » Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:36 pm

Cross Eyed Clam wrote:Hi there,

This past week, two things happened, I settled a personal debt with Amex through ARSI and also was asked to apply for a corporate card through my company. Surprisingly (due note the sarcasm), I was denied by AMEX because my personal account had "derogatory information" on it. My question stems from the previous there a way for my company to add me?? I'm going to have to email our system administator, which will be somewhat embarassing, but the card is only for travel expenses (gas, flights, etc).

Any advice on how or what i should include to me email to the administrator???


I don't understand why you would get turned down for a corporate card? I can understand you having derogatory on your credit report and if you tried for there personal cards , I can understand this. But your company sets rules and 1 of the rules is they want you using a corporate card so they would get the points, pay for your annual fee and pay your bill. the person who had you fill out the application for the company card is there credit report in good standing? if not this might be the reason you got denied.

if your company want's to set up that you would pay the annual fee, but you would fill out an expense report and get reimbursed, upon leaving your company this card would be yours to keep, this makes no sense.

then you should just use your own personal card. but if your company says you have to use a corporate card, I would call American Express a few times , because you get different answers to the same questions, actually it would be better if you have your administrator call the corporate card department and explain the situation, see what they say.

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