AmEx Centurion card offer from friend - perks worth it?

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Postby JCarter » Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:51 pm


Personally, I find the Centurion worth it. Let me just lay out a few differences between Platinum and Centurion.

Both do utilize Circles for the concierge services, but with Centurion you will take priority over a Platinum member for special events, invites and reservations. This means if you want to book a reservation last moment during the Olympics in London this year, you'll have a much better chance of doing so than a Platinum member.

Centurion sends out 3-4 gifts a year, and offers special Centurion only offers through Neiman Marcus, Mercedes Benz, and other partners of American Express.

Basic things like booking a limo service, you can utilize Concierge for, but is just as easily done with an App on an Android/iPhone. Helicopter shuttles, in places like NYC are also easily done on your own through places like CharterHub. If you want a joy ride around say Des Moines in a Sikorsky S-76, then yes, utilize your concierge.

The Centurion Travel Services are similiar to Platinum Travel Services, except in the fact that like most hotel loyalty programs (ie: Hilton HHonors) reserve the benefit of booking a sold out room for the top level customers, with CTS you can book hotels that are sold out (As long as the room isn't physically occupied) at the last minute. Great for IRROPS like a snow storm at ORD, when rooms are going to fill up quick but they have only been reserved, not checked in.

CTS is also due to be given completely over to the concierge group at AXP by Q3 of this year so that you can handle any reservation issues that occur after booking with the concierge rather than having to wait on hold with CTS.

IMHO perfectly worth the annual fee. PM me if you have any questions.

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