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644 Credit Score > Will AMEX Approve Me?

Postby nycplayboy78 » Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:31 pm

Here is a summary of my complete credit history/profile:

  • Experian --> 644
  • Equifax ----> 650
  • TransUnion --> 680
File for Chapter 7 BK in 2003 (Discharged 2003)

Total Accounts (Open and Closed) --> 16
Oldest Account Age --> 14.5 years
Average Account Age --> 5.6 years
Hard Inquiries --> 6

Total Accounts (Open and Closed) --> 17
Oldest Account Age --> 7.5 years
Average Account Age --> 5.1 years
Hard Inquiries --> 4

Total Accounts (Open and Closed) --> 16
Oldest Account Age --> 9.2 years
Average Account Age --> 5.2 years
Hard Inquiries --> 2

Credit Cards and Limits
Capital One MC --> $2k ($0 Balance)
Wells Fargo Visa --> $3,650 ($1,600 Balance)
Chase Visa --> $2k ($0 Balance)
HSBC MC --> $800 ($0 Balance)
First Premier Bank MC --> $575 ($0 Balance)
Home Depot Consumer Card --> $500 ($0 Balance)

In February 2012 I was applied and approved for a USAA Secure American Express Card ($2,500 with a $0 Balance).

In the past two years I have had mortgage payment late and in 2010 I was approved for a Mortgage Modification with BofA and I think that is why my credit score is so low...SIGH..

Which American Express Card would be suited for me in order to get my foot in the door and build up a reputation with AMEX?

Also, back in 2005 I had a Corporate AMEX Card with my job and I paid that off in full every month but 2 years later I left that job and I haven't had a relationship with AMEX since then? I bank primarily with USAA (veteran here) for all my insurance products, money-market account, CD, and checking and savings. I also have a local in town credit union for checking and savings.

Can yous guys please give me some advice on how to improve my 644 credit score to become reach 700?

Thank You All


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Postby gsd2004 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:35 am

I am a USAA member as well and have their World MasterCard. USAA is good to their members but if they only approved you for a secured MasterCard I don't see how AMEX would approve you at all for a credit card.

I have read that to get an AMEX Blue card it takes a score of 750. I had an AMEX Platinum card from 2006-2011 and they closed it because I was late on a few payments. It is tough times right now. In 2011 I had to pick and choose who to pay. I have paid everything off as of now and avoided being sent to collections but a lot of banks closed my credit cards. The best companies that worked with me and did not close my credit cards were USAA, Discover, and Diners Club (my oldest credit card) All were wonderful and kept my limits and APR untouched.

That late mortgage payment was within the last 2 years and should remain on your credit another 5 years. Two of the credit bureaus show allot of hard inquires, those fall off after 2 years and should bump your scores up a bit when they do fall off. Just keep paying on time and try not to apply for new products as this will put a dent on your scores.

If you're having a problem paying call the credit card company! I called USAA and told them I would be 2 months late and they never even reported it to the credit bureaus. For 12.95 a month USAA will monitor your credit report from all 3 companies. You can get a new report whenever you want and the same applies to the scores. Make sure you check your reports for errors, sometimes those errors can impact your score.

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