20th year celebration

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20th year celebration

Postby Money card » Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:07 pm

the promotion started January 16th ends Feb 10th. dine out 3 times in those 20 days not including Saturday or Sunday and receive a $20 credit. New York city.

do I think it's a good deal, depends on the restaurants if it can be used for inexpensive restaurants like Mickey Mantles, the Italian restaurants and Lucky Strike then it's a good deal. if it has to be an expensive restaurant like Tremontes on restaurant row or the Blue Fin these are not good deals.

it doesn't matter whether it's a good deal, it doesn't matter whether I would have or wouldn't have signed up. what matters is I just found out about this promo when I got my bill in the mail today. I know everybody gets there statement at different times of the month, some got their statement monday, some got their's a week ago and some got theirs 2 weeks ago. I called an account mgr around 5pm today went over everything with her, she apologized, she wishes she could do something about it but she can't

I talked to a apply by phone account mgr, just wanted to ask him, he agrees with me it's not fair. I just spoke to Jen a account mgr, I explained to her everything I was just wondering If I could get till the 22nd which would be 20 days and she also said there's nothing she can do.

it's certainly none of company's fault, it's the corporations fault everybody else gets 20 days I get 8 what does everybody think? is it fair or not fair?

for anybody who's wondering I don't live in the city I live in the suburbs.

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