4506-T form? American Express is requiring it!

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Amex application asking for 4506-t

Postby homer718 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:59 pm

Hi guys, I've recently looked in to check on my credit scores after not having a credit card for maybe 8 years. The numbers looked good so I went ahead and applied for some cards. Chase Saphire (denied) Capital One Cash (approved $500CL) Amex Blue & Green (Cancelled)

Here are my details:
Equifax 738
Transunion 720
Experian 730

1 student loan for $12k paid in full, no late payments from 2003
1 judegement paid in full for $2800 from 2005

About 3 inquiries

So here's the deal with the Amex applications. Both the blue and the green said "cancelled". Clicking on the status revealed they needed more information. To confirm my address and a 4506-t tax transcript form.

I went ahead and faxed in both on friday. I reported on the application an income of $120k but last year's tax return will show something more like $100k. I've called a bunch of times to check on status. Have gotten maybe 4 "we're still waiting for the tax returns from IRS" and 2 "you are approved". I was disconnected on the last "you are approved" reply and my status still says in-progress.

Any idea how long it will take for them to review my tax forms? I faxed them in on friday. What are my chances of being approved? Like an idiot, today I also applied over the phone for the gold card and got the same request. Are all of these applications going to be bad? Ideally I would like the blue cash card and the gold charge card to help rebuild my credit and use in place of my chase debit card. I should have looked more closely into the card offerings and only applied to 2.


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