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Postby Money card » Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:09 pm

Mully85 wrote:Money Card...I'm new here so I have a quick question for you...Why do you ask if the AMEX bill is sent to your home or office? Thanks!

When my dad traveled on business, he had his bill sent to the office. Nowadays when people think of company cards, they all get sent to the office. With personal to the home.

With the Gold being more thought of as business card, but a lot of people still use this card for personal use. I was just wondering.

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Just got my Gold Premier Rewards card in the mail!

Postby Needlesskane » Thu May 10, 2012 8:06 pm

Hey everyone! I've had an Amex Blue since 2006 and a corporate green card (since 2010) but have never had a personal charge card before. I applied for a Zync last year and got denied (ouch!) and have since been working on paying down existing debt, etc. I was applying for a Platinum on a whim and decided that I'd probably be better starting off with the Gold Premier Rewards (Free first year is a plus), and got instant approval - I couldn't believe it!

I plan on using it everywhere possible and quit using my debit card that I use almost exclusively. I did however feel odd using my gold card at Wendy's today getting lunch! The look on the cashier was priceless when I handed her the card, she looked at it and flipped it over and flipped it back, apparently had never seen one before, or not in a long time. I almost didn't use it, but if they will accept Amex then I will definitely take advanage of the points!

Long time lurker, thanks for all the good information on these boards!

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