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Postby boomhower » Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:09 pm

Money card wrote:since you told us that you don't travel just curious how do you like your green card?

I also don't travel so like you I use the card for personal use, with the exception of the 95 dollar annual fee I like the card very much.

I haven't gotten it yet. I'll be apping next week after my Chase card updates to PIF. I still haven't completely decided between green and zync. $0 AF for the first year for the green vs 10,000 points on the zync. If I do go with the green I'll drop it to zync after the first year if I keep it at all. The whole point of the exercise is to build a relationship with Amex to get what is my holy grail card, the BCE. I'm not a big spender or globe trotter so things like the Centurion or Platinum card do nothing for me. BCE is pretty much the best card for my uses with very good cash back, other Amex features(warranty/etc) and Amex CS.

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