Transferring AMEX account overseas to another country

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Transferring AMEX account overseas to another country

Postby Au2Us » Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:10 am

Hi all,

I've been doing a bit of research regarding credit and moving overseas, and stumbled upon an AMEX support page which allows a card holder to transfer their card to a new country with them when they move, meaning you keep a line of credit without needing to re-apply and can have it reported to a local Credit bureau.

(Sidenote by admin: Here is an older thread about the AmEx Global Transfer program you may be interested in reading)

Now for my questions:

If I was to get an AMEX Green card in Australia and then move to the US, What happens when the card transfers over? Would it be:
1) the same card but now with US$ instead of Aus$?
2) a 'new' account based on the US Terms and Conditions instead of Aus? (Annual fee charges are different amounts)
3) possible to transfer it to another product such as the Zync? This card isnt available over here.

If I applied for a credit card like the AMEX Gold Ascent which isn't available in the US, how would they handle that? Would they basically tell me it wasn't possible to transfer over?

And.. with the charge cards (Green/Gold/Plat etc) is it possible to use them overseas where AMEX is accepted? I can't find any information regarding international transaction fees when I am looking it up, wheras the amex credit cards do.

Thanks :)

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Postby Money card » Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:57 am

A very complicated question. I believe it would be the same design, wording should be the same Australian as opposed to Chinese.

if there is a value difference, than the annual fee would be different. since the zync isn't offered over there you could ask them to change your level from the Green to the zync with keeping your account and membership the same. If you were to get the Green card your membership would be 2011 assuming international they put them on the cards overseas. your first year is free assuming Australia has the same set up as we have. when you move to our country by that time from the month you apply to a year later the cards annual fee is usually waived.

Since the US doesn't have the gold ascent, you can still use the card over here. for the people who had a chase grey or platinum card, they are still valid until the card expires and then chase sends you blue cards. For the people who have the optima platinum card, they can continue to use the card until the card expires and then they will be given a different card, something along the line of a blue card.

anywhere overseas that American express is accepted you can use any level you want, even if it's the Macy's American express or a Bank of America American express.

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Postby Money card » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:02 am

I think you are going to get a platinum cash card. the card is not on American Express site, it's under membership rewards.

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Postby cosmity » Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:55 am

Hi all, regarding this topic I'd like to ask another question.

Does anybody knows what credit score I could expect tranferring a Platinum Card from Switzerland to USA if the card owner (me) has no credit score at the moment? The reason for my question is, that i am planning to move to the US somewhen this year...

I have the Platinum card now for roundabout two years and until now there haven't been any late payments by my side.

Does anybody has any experiences with transferring a card from Europe to the US concerning the credit score?

Thanks in advance and regards from Switzerland...

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Postby Mogul of Pineapples » Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:51 pm

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