Should I upgrade my old Blue Cash to the Preferred?

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Postby sticf » Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:43 am

I found this link after doing a few minutes of web searching. Looks it is based on the "old" Blue Cash rewards structure. Should make it easier for people to find out of they are getting more bang for their money than with the new card.

(If it is against the forum rules to post links to CC/external sites I will remove it.)

The new formula is easy enough to figure out by hand so I do not feel the need to find a link.

Hope it helps those that are thinking about converting to the new rewards program.

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Would love your advice on if I should dump by old Blue Cash and get the Preferred...

Postby loveagoodfind » Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:18 pm

Hi -

Just found out about AmEx Blue Cash Preferred. I still have the old Blue Cash so I get 5% on gas, groceries, drug stores

Last year I spent:
$ 2,874 at department stores (this is only relevant for calculating rewards for the Preferred card)
$ 3,800 at grocery stores
$ 1,850 on gas
my drug store spend is nominal - $200 if that
$ 22,900 on everything else

I spent it all evenly through the year. By my math, I should dump the old card and get the preferred. Am I getting my sums wrong? Also, why does AmEx tell me that my everyday purchases are 14%? I feel like I'm missing something here.... Would love your thoughts!

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