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American Express GlobalTravel Card reviews

Postby aengleranderson » Sun Mar 20, 2011 6:22 am

Just noticed that AMEX has a new stored value travel money card on offer in Australia. Called "American Express GlobalTravel Card," it can be loaded with up to AU$15,000. Available for purchase at Amex offices, and Australia Post on presentation of two forms of ID (passport, credit card). Reloads require presentation of card + ID, except for reloads from bank accounts, which can be accomplished via the Australian BPAY system from local accounts. Card available in USD, GBP, and Euros.

Here's the kicker, and I quote from the cryptic caveat at the bottom of the AMEX web page advertising the card: "You will not be able to use your American Express GlobalTravel Card in Australia and certain other countries where Australian or United States sanctions apply." Does that mean the USD card is not usable in the United States, or is that a reference to Cuba, North Korea, etc., which are perpetually on Washington's black sheep list?

It's interesting that AMEX introduces this card Down Under, having cancelled its almost identical Amex Travellers Cheque Card program about three years ago, to the consternation of many people including myself.

Here's the home page for the card:

And here's a page on Australia Post, which sells the card: Australia Post - American Express GlobalTravel Card

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