Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card miles/airlines

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Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card miles/airlines

Postby 760DevilFan » Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:13 am


I tried to do some searching to see if I could get answers to my questions in previous threads, but had no luck.

I'm a former Citibank customer and American Airlines AAdvantage member. My wife and I recently switched banks and unloaded all of our AA miles on couple of Business Class tickets to Europe. I had no problem with Citibank, we simply switched as there was an option that was more convenient for me and my wife. As I don't get to travel quite as much as I used to, I thought it might make sense to switch to a cash back card so I went with the American Express Costco True Earning Card.

I've been having second thoughts about giving up my addiction to miles, so I started looking at some alternative options.

The Amex Gold Card seems attractive in that you can transfer miles to several different FF programs. We spend a good deal on groceries and gas, so the idea of double points was very attractive. The annual fee of the Gold Card is steep, but it isn't all that much more than I was paying for my Citibank AAdvantage credit card and AAdvantage Debit card.

I have a few questions I'd like to get cleared up before making the plunge. I haven't been able to get clear answers on the questions below. Any thoughts or retrogradations people can offer would be appreciated:

1) If I should decide down the road that I would prefer cash back as opposed to travel or another benefit, is it possible to exchange American Express Membership Rewards points for cash. If so, at what rate? Seem like if I could redeem back at a 1% rate it would be a good enough safety out should I decide not to travel.

2) Pay with Points for Travel: Anyone have experience with this? Seems like most other credit card programs that allow you to book on any airline with points don't offer a great redemption rate. This isn't a big factor for me, but was wondering how Amex handles this. Without a Membership Rewards account it doesn't let me see how many points things cost. Do they give you a certain cash value for your points applied to a trip, etc...?

3) Is the transfer of miles from Amex to an airline FF program as easy as Amex makes it out to be? How long does the process typically take?

4) I thought Amex charged you an additional fee for having a second card, but now it seems like you can get an additional card for free. Can I get my wife a card that is earning Membership Rewards points going into the same pool, for free?

Thank you very much for your thoughts and opinions.



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Postby CCG » Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:52 pm

Hello and welcome to Credit Card Forum!

If I should decide down the road that I would prefer cash back as opposed to travel or another benefit, is it possible to exchange American Express Membership Rewards points for cash. If so, at what rate?

Generally speaking, the conversion to cash or cash equivalent is 50% less. If you would like maintain the value of your reward points but not use them for airfare, I would suggest redeeming points for $100 partner gift cards. Many of those are for full value - i.e. 10,000 Membership Rewards Points equals $100 gift card.

2) Pay with Points for Travel:

The conversion depends upon the card type, ranging from 1 point = 1 cent to 2 points = 1 cent.

All of the charge cards except for the Zync have a 1 point = 1 cent Pay with Points conversion. I also confirmed this with an American Express CSR a moment ago for you. Therefore your Premier Rewards Gold card will give 1 for 1 when using for Pay With Points Travel.

Can I get my wife a card that is earning Membership Rewards points going into the same pool, for free?

All additional cardholders will earn rewards for you. If you obtained a second card under your account your wife's points would go into your rewards pool.

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All the best,

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Postby DoingHomework » Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:16 pm

I'm not an expert but I do have the gold card and found the answers to some of your questions on the AMEX web site:

1) I don't think you can get cash for your points. This does not seem to be an option on the web page. I believe you can buy gift cards with points. I have also redeemed points for various things I bought online, not from AMEX but using my card. I got about 0.75% for concert tickets for example.

2) I haven't done the pay with points for travel. Even with an account I would need to book a ticket before seeing how much I could pay with points. I am guessing but I think it is about 0.75% rate. You also have to use the AMEX travel site to do that. I don't know how their ticket prices compare but when I've shopped around on their I found the rates to be similar to travelocity and they seem to use the same software.

3) Can't say how the FF transfer to airlines works. I use United Airlines and they don't play with AMEX, which sucks. But the transfer is supposed to take 24-48 hours.

4) No extra fee for a second card. I think you can get up to 5 for free. The platinum card used to have an extra fee but that also seems to be gone.

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Postby Pete838 » Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:48 pm

2)I used pay with points for a recent plane ticket purchase. I had 21,000 Amex Membership Rewards points and was able to cover just over $100 of a $113 one-way fare. That was about 6 months worth of points for me. Amex allows you to earn points shopping from their "Earn More Mall" (have seen up to 10x in some stores) or spend points instead of dollars (or a mix of points/dollars, or all dollars) for travel purchases from the Amex website and other purchases. I'm sure the rewards could be better, but it is convenient and reliable, and Amex sure is easy to deal with. This is with a Zync card, which probably explains the low redemption. I went with Zync because of the low annual.

4)Some cards have an add'l fee for extra cards. Platinum or Delta Select is $175/ea./yr.
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