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Postby George_in_NH » Tue Jan 11, 2011 6:53 pm

This must be a massive money maker for American Express. By my calculations if the fee to join the card is $5,000 then with a 100,000 members that's a half billion dollars on the front end and a quarter billion dollars annually.

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Postby bravo4 » Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:45 pm

I read this on a blogger's site:

There are roughly 19,000-20,000 Black cards in the United States. I am not sure on an exact number as it is difficult to get, but we do know that it has become a little easier to get it over the last year or so, really increasing this number. The number I am really interested in, if I could ever get it would be the cancellation rate of black cardmembers.
- The estimated August 2008 civilian population for the US is 303,588,896. Assuming 20,000 Centurion members, roughly 0.00658% of the population has a black card.
- There are an estimated 111,162,259 households in the US, roughly 0.0179% of households have a black card.
- There are 9,200,000 households in the US worth over $1M (excluding primary home), which is approx 8.27% of the US households.
- Again assuming 20k black cardmembers, roughly 0.217% of millionaire households have a black card.
- There are approx 1,190,000 households in the US worth over $5M, which is about 1.07% of US households. Roughly 1.7% of households over $5M have black cards.

You are more likely to die from Brain cancer than you are to be in a household that has a black card. I just read the brain cancer statistic, I had to add it is. Look on the bright side though, you are more likely to be in a household worth more than $5M than have a black card.

If anyone can afford around ten grand in fees, I can help you get a black card. PM me your email address or shoot me an email at icurme AT gmail DOT com

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Postby cashnocredit » Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:47 am

I'd even bet there are more people with over $1,000,000 investable assets and zero credit cards than black card holders.

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