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You've Been Pre-Approved!

Postby AceTracer » Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:47 am

So I recently got a thing in the mail from Amex saying I've been pre-approved for a Green card. I threw it in the recycling bin like I do all junk mail, but out of curiosity I did some research including on this forum and decided the benefits were worth it even if just for the first (free) year.

I didn't have the pre-approval letter with the special code, so I just went and applied outright, and I was denied. It won't give me a reason, it says their system is down right now. I figured I'd apply for Zync since it has the lowest barrier to entry but I couldn't get that either. Why tell me I'm pre-approved then? Will using their special code have made a difference? Should I ask them about this?

Here's my credit scores:

I have two credit cards paid in full always. Here's my info on that:

The only bad stuff on my credit report is I had an unpaid speeding ticket in 2008 (I simply forgot about it) which I paid in full as soon as I found out. It shows as a paid collection. I also have a short credit history; my oldest account is from November 2008.

Also, I listed myself as self-employed, because I am. I'm a freelance web developer.

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Postby CCG » Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:20 pm

Welcome to the forum AceTracer!

The pre-approval letters sent be credit cards today mean almost nothing. Credit card companies purchase mailing lists of applicants they believe are likely to qualify and send them the so call pre-approval offers. In reality, nothing has been approved. Just think of those letters as a piece of paper that says: we think there is a possibility you might qualify for this card.

There are members on this forum age 18 and 19 who have reportedly been approved for the Zync recently, according to their posts. Reportedly some members have been approved with rather low scores. Here is a recent post by user Originality:

I have a credit score of 580-595 depending on either transunion, experian, or equifax...and i was just approved for an American Express Zync Card..i had a past collection that was recently settled in December 2009. So if i am able to be accepted im pretty sure you can too. Good Luck!
The consensus of Credit Card Forum members appear to be that the Zync card is the easiest, or one of the easiest, American Express cards to qualify for. To learn more and for a special signup bonus, check out our American Express Zync Card review.

Best of luck!


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