Should I use "the card" more?

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Should I use "the card" more?

Postby gangof4 » Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:15 am

A few months ago I got the AmEx green card although recently I've gotten offers from AmEx for a gold card which they say is a firm offer (I read the offer several times.) I've been using the basic card for a few hundred dollars a month though if I use it for medications, groceries, and the more mundane purchases, I could easily increase the use to well over a twelve-to-fifteen hundred a month. My question is should I (i.e., what is the benefit in doing so?) I don't seem to be earning points. Also, I don't fly or use hotels much. In that case, is the gold card something someone in my situation should even be interested in?

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It sounds to me like...

Postby jeffysdad » Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:17 am

you're wasting money and giving up cashback/points opportunities elsewhere. The Amex cards generally are the most beneficial to people who travel a lot; this is particularly true at gold and plat. levels. If you don't use their travel benefits or their concierge-type services, you're paying (annual fee) for something you don't use.

I would go with a visa or amex that offers 1% or more cashback with no annual feel. There are a lot of them.

My main card is a Fidelity Amex, offered by FIA Card Services (Bank of America). It's only an Amex in the sense that it uses the Amex network. They pay 2% cashback to my IRA at Fidelity. Customer service is excellent (U.S. call center), and their website is among the best, IMO. FIA also offers a Schwab Visa with a similar arrangement.

If I traveled or had an otherwise more glamorous lifestyle (read more money), I probably would opt for an amex gold card or even a platinum. However, like for most people, I don't really think it's worth it for me.
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