Did you all have EXCELLENT credit when you applied?

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Re: Did you all have EXCELLENT credit when you applied?

Postby LSUTigers » Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:15 am

My scores range from 713-750, so pretty good--but not as good as some on here. I was just approved for the PRG today, so woohoo! I got my first card in 2014, so my credit card history is pretty limited, but I've managed them really well so far. With the PRG, you're supposed to have "excellent" credit but I don't consider myself as having excellent credit--so I would attribute my approval to the number of cards I have, my total credit line, and my good managing of my card. I applied for this card about a year ago and got a flat out "no".

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Re: Did you all have EXCELLENT credit when you applied?

Postby Vattené » Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:15 pm

It doesn't just come down to a number, but generally a score in the mid-700s has good chances of approval on any credit card. My understanding is PRG (and any Amex charge card) is actually east to get, at least relative to the Amex portfolio of cards (any prime card issuer is going to look restrictive next to, say, First Premier Bank). Charge cards are due in full each month, so there is less risk inherent in the product.

Congratulations on the approval, though! You've got a lineup of great cards. Will the PRG be your go-to card now (when you can't get 5% on your Freedom or Discover)?
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