American Express Global Transfer is just Bull S.....T!!!!

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American Express Global Transfer is just Bull S.....T!!!!

Postby AleCS » Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:50 pm

Just want to share my experience during the last 15 days with American Express Global Transfer:


I have been an AMEX member since 2003 in Mexico City. My first card was a green AMEX card, after a year I upgraded to the Gold AMEX card. A couple of years later and due to the GREAT benefit of traveling 2 x 1 I upgraded my account to a Platinum AMEX card. In 2007 I moved to the US becuase of my job, I was transfered to the HQ offices in WA. I came to the US with cero credit score and never came to my mind to get an AMEX. (BTW I still have my Mexican Platinum Card, but I don't use it as often as I should). I have been here for 2 years and a half using a Visa card.

Actual situation:

After making some changes into my AMEX account (online) I saw this banner saying "Relocating?... Take your AMEX with you"... or something like that. Basically what they claim to do is:
Check your credit behavior with AMEX abroad
Check your "Memeber Since" date
"Transfer" your account to the new country.

Well... that is not totally true. 20 days ago I followed the process for the global transfer for my account to the US. I applied for a Gold AMEX Premier Rewards card (new one).

As promised by AMEX 4 days later I received my card in the mail. The happiest day of my life!!! Immediately I switched ALL my automatic payments to my new golden card, Comcast, AT&T, Water, Energy, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, and so on... I paid off my visa card and promise not to use it again. It went directly to the drawer in a little box with all my old credit cards.

Ok, I was ready to start spending money with my new card... So, after getting my tax return I decided to change the floors at home. So I went to see some models, colors, textures, etc... and I decided to buy 800 sq ft of a beautiful one. I used my new card expecting to get in my hands a clean white receipt to get signed.... but no. That didn't happened. I was able to use my card only to buy chips, pops and perhaps a 50 dollar meal.

I called American Express and long story short they made me to pay 50% of the floor transaction up front, over the phone directly from my checking account. They asked for my Routing # and other numbers. I felt like I was dealing with "Mr. Smith's Bank", like if they didn't have the money to cover the transaction.

I had this long conversation with the representative over the phone about how disapointed I was about the situation. Where were my expenses history? What happened with my 7 or 8 years of membership? Why they are treating me like I was a 15 yo kid with a new card? why my new card said "Member since 2010"?

At the end I ended up paying the money in order to get my floor and being able to pay my meals.

Today was the end of it.... I went to a store to buy a stupid bath mirror ($18) and the card was declined. Yes... $18!!! The lady at the register, had to call AMEX becuase I didn't want to use my VISA. The AMEX representative asked to talk with me to explain that my card "reached" its credit limit!!!! WHAAATTT???? Is this true??? Am I crazy or what the hell did I read when I signed the stupid contract years ago and few weeks ago???


American Express Global Account Transfer is just a BIG LIE! You have to start all over from cero. They don't care if you had a Centurion Card or spent $200K a year with AMEX.

Few minutes ago I called AMEX to cancell the account. It seems like the AMEX card is the one that will go to the little box in my drawer.

BTW. I asked during my 3rd call to AMEX, where should I complaint about this? Which person can listen to me and perhaps change some rules so they can improve their service? The guy told me... "Go to and you will find a "Contact Us" link... you can send an email there." hahahaha

Ohh.. BTW 2. A friend moved to US years ago owing money to AMEX Mexico, and they located him and made him to pay back the last penny with interests and fees... I leave this story to you!


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Postby Cucumber » Tue Mar 16, 2010 9:00 pm

Was your spending (like on the floor) the same $ amount as transactions you typically made before you moved?
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