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American Express Concert Tickets

Postby CreditCardGuru » Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:20 pm

American Express concert tickets – Get exclusive access to pre-sales! Select cardholders also have access to preferred seating through AmEx concert tickets. Find out how this can benefit you.

What are AmEx concert tickets?
rock concert photographed by Nicole Rork
If you have an AmEx charge card (or you're thinking about getting one) you've most likely heard about their ticket opportunities; exclusive pre-sale access to the hottest concerts, Broadway shows, games and sporting events. In addition, a lot of times they offer special discounts too. For example, I checked today and saw over fifty events that were being generously discounted. American Express concert tickets is a benefit only found on select cards, such as the Premier Rewards Gold card
What are the benefits?
This exclusive feature can be a life saver for anyone that buys tickets for the hottest shows and events. The first benefit is American Express presale tickets; this allows you to buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public. The second benefit gives the opportunity to exclusive seating; special reserved seating for some of the most in-demand shows and events. Last but not least, American Express concert tickets also allow you to get exclusive discounts on many popular concerts, sporting events, and more.

Which American Express cards are eligible?
All cardmembers can take advantage of presales, but only select cards have access to preferred seating. Let's take a look at which cards are eligible for each...
  • American Express Presale Tickets: All of their charge cards and credit cards have this benefit.
  • American Express Preferred Seating: The following cards have access to both American Express preferred seating as well as presale tickets: personal and business versions of the Gold Card, Platinum Card, Centurion Card, Platinum Delta SkyMiles, and Delta Reserve.
Can you give me examples of some of their current offers?

At the time of writing, there was an eclectic mix of games, musical acts, and theatre. Those on the top of the list happened to be for one of the hottest shows in the nation right now, Cirque du Soleil, which caught my eye because I've been meaning to see that one myself. There were mega music stars like The Eagles, Alicia Keys, and Peter Gabriel, but there was also the smaller (yet extremely popular) musician Ben Folds. As far as sports go, there were some great presale offers for things like an all season ticket for the Big Ten men's tournament in Indiana.

Exclusive Seating
This is by far the most popular benefit available through American Express concert tickets. The number of venues and shows listed were also far more than the presale category. At the time of writing this review, there were over 1,860 upcoming shows and events with exclusive seating. As far as music goes, some random examples were Jay-Z at Madison Square Gardens, Barry Manilow at Paris Las Vegas, and Norah Jones at the Chicago Theatre.

preferred seating for AmEx concert tickets
For sports I saw so many amazing games listed for some of the hottest teams right now. For example, I saw tons of games listed for the LA Lakers and New York Knicks, two of my favorite teams. During baseball and football seasons, you can also count on some good games.

Of course, American Express concert tickets also have preferred seating for the hot variety acts, musical shows, and even comedians. But whatever type of event you need tickets for, the best part about their exclusive seating benefit is that these are very large venues where it's hard to get good seats (and without good seats, good luck seeing anything!). So having access to some of the best seats in the house is a major benefit!

What's the best card for American Express concert tickets?
If you want to get the exclusive seating AND pre-sales, there are only a few cards that will give you access to both.

The Premier Rewards Gold Card overall has good value. First, it has a better rewards program than the Platinum (which costs almost 3x more!) and the concert ticket benefits are identical on both cards. Plus, you can get the annual fee waived the first year ($175 after) and earn a generous bonus.
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