AmEx posting chargeoff to report every month

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AmEx posting chargeoff to report every month

Postby beatbeat » Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:21 am

Hello. I owe Amex 10k. I last made a payment in Sep 2011. Due to illness I have been on disability since 2010.

Since Sep 2011 I have had several calls and letter from Amex. I have offered 2500 many times to both Amex and to an attorney who was appointed by them. I sent the attorney proof of SSDI. The attorney wrote to me and said they were no longer handling my case and it had been returned to AmEx.

This summer AmEx offered 3900 as a settlement. I wrote and said I can afford 2500 only. Since then they have been reporting my account as a chargeoff EVERY MONTH to my credit report with interest being added each month.

I wrote to them last week and said I am now in a position to offer only 2000 due to my paying back taxes owed (yes....its a mess).

I am wondering if I should bother communicating with them at all anymore. I no longer live in the USA, my income is from disability and pension sources. They won't accept what I am offering.

Any thoughts?

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