CLI Offer After Large CLI

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CLI Offer After Large CLI

Postby JHORNECK » Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:32 pm

Hey all,

A couple of day ago I requested a CLI on my AmEx Blue Cash and was aproved immediately on the website. Today I received this email from them...

Congratulations *****,

In appreciation of your history with us, you have been chosen to increase your credit limit by $1400 on your American Express® Card account ending in *****.

With a higher credit limit, you can:
-Enjoy more flexibility for making large purchases
-Use your Card for your everyday purchases
-Continue to receive access to the benefits and services you expect from us

To request your increase, visit and enter code *************. You may also call us at 855-841-5389. This offer is valid through 12/08/2014. See additional details below.

Thank you for your continued Card Membership.

I have had the card for about 17 months. Opened with a $2,500 limit, automatic increase at 3 months to $3,500, and I just requested it to be raised to $10,000. Now they are telling me I have been selected to raise it another $1,400, which would put me almost a thousand dollars over a 3x increase from my previous limit.

Do you think this is just what their internal system rates my profile at? Has anything like this happened to anyone else before?

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Postby takeshi » Tue Nov 25, 2014 8:21 am


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