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Postby Vattené » Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:00 pm

Congratulations on the approval, Dark_Adonis!

CarefulBuilder14 wrote: Others can chime in here

Invitation accepted. I have also heard that charge cards are the easier to get. There are always a lot of exceptions in the credit world making personal anecdotes of little value on their own, but this makes sense. Credit scores are just a measure of risk. Charge cards require the holder to pay in full, so there is less risk involved in extending someone a charge card as oppposed to a credit card. It follows that Amex, generally speaking, is more willing to extend a person with limited history or a low FICO a charge card than a credit card.
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Postby Nixon » Fri Nov 14, 2014 10:41 pm

popamode72 wrote:I'd say ED cards aren't as hard to get once you have established some history with Amex. I was able to get mine two months after initially getting in with Amex and got their lowest APR so I think that tells me that my internal score with them must have improved.

Amex Gold Delta for sure was really easy to get with a limited credit file.

I was able to get one once my EX FICO came back above 670, but I've put in 6 1/2yrs with them. :)

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Postby henry » Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:00 pm

Dark_Adonis wrote:Just applied for the Amex PRG card and guess what... I WAS APPROVED!!! spend $1000 in 3 months and get that 50K bonus

I had to speak to a service rep and confirm my ability to pay off the card, but in the end he approved my app.

Thanks again!!!

Incredible!! Congrats.

CarefulBuilder14 wrote:Congrats! MR points are definitely a bit unusual, so take your time in looking for the best way to use them. Transferring points to airlines sometimes gives a great value, and sometimes give a bad value. I used half of my 50k MR bonus to get some new clothes. The other half I saved and might use for travel.


I am surprised that you can get a $10k EDP but not a charge card. That is unusual. There are a lot of people here with a credit history of 6-9 months who get mailed prescreened invitations to apply for charge cards (with special bonuses). So if Amex wants to reserve their charge cards for people with a long credit history, it's not translating into their marketing efforts.

You are right that the Delta Gold is not hard to get. I spoke too broadly when I said charge cards were easier to get than credit cards - Amex charge cards are easier to get than most Amex credit cards - Delta Gold is the main exception. The EveryDay cards are a little tougher to get, but I'm not surprised that you could get one when you already had a year of history with Amex. Congrats on that!

Of course, two people with a similar history and incomes can apply for the same card on the same day and get different results. Others can chime in here, but I think it is simply unusual that you haven't been able to get a charge card with Amex.

Edit: Both Amex charge and credit cards are normally attainable with a perfectly clean history of 6-12 months. Neither category could be considered uber-prime.

Yes, I wouldn't submit an app for one now. Anyways I've exhausted my annual maintenance personal limit, EDP, CSP, DSG. DSG will be gone a few years and then I'll go for a PRG or platinum, depending on how I travel then.

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