Help on deciding for Business Amex card...

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Help on deciding for Business Amex card...

Postby evocard » Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:53 pm

I am deciding between these two:

Business Green Rewards card


Blue for Business Credit card

I have NO interest in paying off the card AFTER the monthly billing cycle. So interest rates don't affect me.

I will use the card to pay for gas, supplies, advertising, bills. No particularly large expenditures.

I can't figure out which is better for my needs. The green has the downside of the annual fee, but the blue has the benefit of the 30% extra points each year. When comparing the two on the Amex website, it seems that the green has some things like; Return Protection, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, etc...

Anyone have any comments to help me out?

Thank you


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